Sackett’s stable of honor

Through the years there have been different horses come through t

Over The Years there have been several horse’s that have made Lonely Oak their home. Three of them have been instrumental in making Lonely Oak what is has become. We honor these 3 in our Stable Of Honor









Sackett’s Current Stable of horses


Born in 2010, she is a Belgian/Percheron mix that stands 17.3 HH. Her and Windy are full sisters. Originally born in Missouri, we purchased her from a farm in Iowa. She is a good strong horse that learns quickly.


Born in 2009, she is a Belgian/Percheron mix that stands 17.3 HH. She is the older sister of Storm. Both came from a farm in Iowa and have proven to be a very good team. once you get to know her, she likes to “cuddle”, and loves the attention.


Born in 2008, he is a Percheron that stands 17.3 HH. New to the stable in 2013, he has also shown to be a very good horse. He is a little bit more timid than the rest, but will do what we ask of him. Just watch out when he has to sneeze.


Born in 2007, he is a Belgian that stands 17.3 HH. Newest to the stable, he has shown to be a good fit at Lonely Oak. He is very strong and drives well also. We have been teaming him with Charlie, and so far they have done very well. He is also saddle broke so we have been exploring that area with him. His unique feature is his eyes.