Will put answers to some of our most asked questions on here.

Can we pet the horses?  Yes you can. All we ask is that one of us stand with the horse while your there, and don’t pet around their mouth. Smaller children we will be happy to give a boost up so they can reach their heads.

Can we take the horses picture?  Sure can. If you want to stand in front of them to have your picture taken with them, you can. We just ask that one of us is standing there with the horses. Flashes are ok also.

Does cold weather bother the horses?  No. All of our horses are kept in barns without heat. That way they grow there “winter hair”, similar to how cats and dogs that are outside all the time grow winter coats.

Do you still give rides if its raining or snowing?  Yes. the wagons have roofs on them that help block a lot of the rain or snow. The only thing that we do not have the horses out in is lighting and thunder for safety reasons.

How big are the horses?  You can read a little about each of the horses on “The Horses” page.
My kid thinks they want a horse, can you help?  Yes we can. we have 8 horses and there is always a stall needing cleaned out. Just bring them over, we will give them a pitchfork, and usually they don’t want a horse anymore……