Dale Sackett

Dale has owned horses and been working with them most of his life. Being retired now gives him more time to spend with the horses. It’s not unusual to find him sometimes just sitting in a chair out in the barn spending time with his horses.

Byron Sackett

As Dale’s son, Byron was raised around horse’s and been working with them since he was old enough to handle them. Usually you will see Byron with the lines in his hands driving you around.

Brett Sackett

Being Byron’s son makes him the 3rd generation of Sackett to be here. A lot of the times, he is the one standing with the horses, checking lines, and making sure everything is running safely.

katie Sackett

Katie is the granddaughter of Dale. She has a degree from Kent State, and attending case western reserve to get her masters degree. she helps out when she is available. Normally you will see her standing with the horses, greeting riders, or anything else she can do to help out.

Kyle Barnum

Kyle has been around horses a long time, and known the sackectt’s just as long. He helps out with whatever is needed whether harnessing, driving, or just lending a helping hand.

amanda Barnum

 Amanda is Kyle’s Daughter.. She is currently attending ohio state in columbus. she already has a degree in equine science and now studying animal science industries with a minor in meat science.. she hopes to become an equine nutrionalist or a breeding manager. she helps out whenever she can, wheter harnessing, driving, or people greeter. she has spent alot of time at the fairs over the years with her horses.


Rabbit is like family. He has been friends with the Sackett’s for years and helps out when ever he can. You will see him with the horses, at the steps, on the rides gabbing with the people, even driving some. Seems he is always hopping around somewhere.